About Co-producing

In this section you can find out more about how you secure a successful co-production as well as gain insight into experienced producers’ reflections on their own work; you might even find inspiration for planning your next co-production process. There is also relevant information about practical and legislative issues concerning both Denmark and Sweden.

The section about co-productions is divided into three parts relating to the three main phases of a production process: preparation, production and reflections.

We have also found inspiration at IETM International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts who in collaboration with Korea Arts Management Service have published a report on co-productions, the 'International Co-production Manual – The Journey Which is Full of Surprises’. The rapport presents methods and tools that you can use when co-producing and advice on co-producing as well as case studies of specific co-productions. You can download the International Co-production Manual from this page.


When co-producing you need to put things in writing. Nobody must have any doubts about what they’re signing. Think of it as getting a new partner: Any venereal diseases? Do you screw around? Are your previous relationships well and truly over? And not least, are you worthy of becoming my next partner...?
Kenneth Kreutzfeldt, theatrical technician
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