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Here you’ll find information for Scandinavian theatre projects looking for funding opportunities that refer to relevant Nordic and government funds respectively in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We recommend researching application deadlines and the funds’ websites, as the information can vary from year to year. The same applies for information on application criteria, grant sizes and formats.

Funds focusing on Danish-Swedish exchange

Foundation for Danish-Swedish cooperation (no english version available)
The Fund’s objective is to contribute to a greater understanding and larger cooperation between Denmark and Sweden in cultural and other fields. The foundation supports the exchange of performances and art exhibitions, among other things.

Svensk-Danska Kulturfonden
This is a Swedish-Danish Cultural Fund that aims to support cultural cooperation between Sweden and Denmark.

Funds focusing on Norwegian-Danish exchange

The foundation for Danish-Norwegian collaboration (no English page available)
The fund aims to promote a better understanding and enhance collaborations between Denmark and Norway in cultural areas. The fund implements this goal by offering residencies for individuals and groups at their two properties; Schæffergården in Copenhagen and Lysebu in Oslo. The fund also organises events and courses on Danish and Norwegian culture.

Funds focusing on Swedish-Norwegian exchange

The foundations for Swedish-Norwegian collaborations
This fund aims to strengthen Swedish-Norwegian collaborations and mutual cultural exchange.

Funds focusing on Nordic exchange

Culture Point North

Culture Point North is divided in two groups:

The Culture and Arts Programme, supporting projects that:

  • Contribute to renewing and stimulate Nordic cultural and arts collaborations throughout the Nordic region via the exchange; “The North in the world - the world of the North.”
  • Inspire new regional impulses and initiatives from local, national and international operators, organisations and institutions.
  • Contributes to cementing the Nordic culture and arts collaborations for cultural operators in the Nordic countries, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. Including strengthening visibility for such collaborations in a global context.

Production-related activities supports:

  • The production of works, projects and initiatives that involve a creative process.
  • The dissemination of works, projects and initiatives in different contexts
  • Productions that creates meeting points between artists / cultural operators and the audience

This module can allocate support to all cultural and artistic fields. Production-related activities can be defined as very different types of projects placing the creative process in the centre. One can apply for support of all stages of the production process: research, production, presentation and dissemination.

Applications are prioritised on the basis of content, artistic quality and the project's potential to contribute to the development of the respective cultural and artistic areas.

Both modules of the Culture and Arts Programme share the assessment criteria.

The Nordic Culture Fund

The Nordic Culture Fund supports cultural collaborations in the Nordic countries with the objective to promote and invest in Nordic cultural collaborations to promote the Nordic countries internationally.

To be eligible a project must have a clear Nordic focus, involving at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland), and the nature of the collaboration must be exchange and interaction.

Clara Lachmann Foundation (no English page available)

A private fund working for the promotion of Scandinavian collaborations and connectedness.

International funds

Creative Europe

The EU / EEA fund, Creative Europe, is a program for the cultural and creative sector. The program runs from 2014-2020 and has a total budget of 1.46 billion Euros. Applications are welcome from operators in the creative and artistic sector with activities based on cultural values and / or creative activities. The projects must involve collaborations between at least three EU / EEA countries. 

State funds with an international focus

There are a number of government schemes in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, under the respective Ministries of Culture, that support activities in the performing arts, including tours and co-production.


Danish Arts Foundation’s fund for international theatre activities.
Descriptions of other state support opportunities for international arts projects from the Danish Agency for Culture can be found on the website


The Swedish Arts Council’s fund for international mobility support

On The Move - an information network on cultural mobility. Has also prepared a report on fundraising opportunities for international projects in Sweden. This report can be downloaded on this page.


Travel grants from the State Department (no English page available)

Support for Norwegian theatre touring and co-production activities. 

Guest performance support for venues (some English information available)
Support for arts institutions, including theatres, for the facilitation of guest performances for local and international artists.

Scheme for dissemination / guest performances (some English information available)
Support for the dissemination of Norwegian performances internationally, and for displaying international performing arts in Norway.

Support for organisers of Performing Arts (some English information available)
Support for organising performing arts shows in Norway (programming funds).

Other funds

There are a large number of private, municipal and regional Danish, Swedish and Norwegian funds, where support is given to cultural projects.

In the Culture Øresund database, you can find links to Swedish and Danish funds, sorted by area of contribution and art forms.

Information on smaller Norwegian funds may be found in the Proscens database (English page not functioning).

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