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Publicity and Ticketing in Denmark


Theatre performances, touring shows and co-productions in Denmark are disseminated collectively through TeaterRegisterBasen (ed. the Theatre Directory Base) - Tereba. Tereba lists information about the show and ticket sales in a database and disseminates this information to cultural organisations in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and more.

When the production’s tour plan is roughly established it's time to register it with Tereba. If you don’t already have a Tereba login it can be created on Tereba’s front page - just click on “Opret Bruger”.

When your production is purchased by a cultural organiser they will be able to create an event based on the production information you have supplied in Tereba. Furthermore the event will appear on a number of sites, such as, Scenekunstarkivet and - Ibyen. Tickets are sold mainly through, and (for the institutional theatres only). The Royal Danish Theatre manages it’s own sales system.

Every Danish productions registered with Tereba is presented on Additionally Tereba is in dialogue with about cooperating, so that Danish productions also can be presented and sold from in Sweden.

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