Working in Theatre in the ěresund Region

Teaterdialog Øresund (Øresund Theatre Dialogue - ed.) has been exploring conditions for audience development across national borders, because the structure of the Øresund Region holds such unique opportunities for building artistic bridges. What is a performance and how can we understand it? The anthology ‘Publik i perspektiv’ (Makadam Forlag, 2013) (The Audience in Perspective - ed.) focusses on dialogue and discusses the unique qualities of a theatre project with questions such as:

  • What happens we interpret a performance from a critical white perspective?
  • Which factors influence the marketing of a performance?
  • What knowledge can be acquired when theatre enters into a dialogue with the audience - and what happens when the audience gets to dictate the conversation?

’Publik i perspektiv’ highlights and discusses experiences brought forth by Øresund Teater Dialog (that also produced Kompas1). Contributors to the anthology include researchers and writers who work in academic and journalistic fields in the region. Together they explore audience development in order to understand the challenges confronting contemporary theatre practitioners.

The anthology ’Publik i perspektiv’ is edited by Malena Forsare and Anja Mølle Lindelof and is published through a collaboration between Centrum for Danmarksstudier at the University of Lund, Malmö Högskola and Roskilde University, with contributions from The European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IV A Øresund, Københavns Musikteater, Malmö Stadsteater and Teater Får302.

’Publik i perspektiv’ can be downloaded as a pdf on this site. English version not available. 

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