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Af Thomas Olsen, Tryg Forsikring (Insurance Company)

Below you find a list of both required and recommended insurances in relation to theatre production.

Compulsory Insurances

The required insurances include employer’s liability insurance and car liability insurance.

The employer’s liability insurance must cover all employees in case of work related injury, and this also includes project employees and unpaid volunteers. However, the insurance does not cover self-employed staff and this includes private persons who invoice the theatre producer. To be covered by the employer’s liability insurance, you have to be an employee.

Car liability insurance is mandatory for all registered vehicles. If your tour vehicle is a rental, the rental company should include insurance. The insurance covers any injury you inflict on other persons and things, but not on the vehicle itself.

Recommended Insurances

We recommend that you take out these additional insurances:

Professional Liability Insurance

The professional liability insurance covers your damage liability in relation to injury caused by you or you employees to persons or things during a specific production. By way of example, you will be covered if a lamp falls down and lands on a member of the audience.

Product Liability Insurance

If in connection with performances you sell food and beverages, you will need a product liability insurance, which will ensure that you are covered in case any person suffers food poisoning after eating food sold at one of your events.

Business Insurance

A business insurance is the company’s basic insurance policy which will be put together depending on your company’s specific needs, including the coverage of furniture and equipment as well as additional costs due to fire, theft, damage by water or loss of profits. Typical insurances for a theatre would include:

  • Insurance covering loss of profits and additional costs including the loss of profits due to any larger damages to you company while reviving the production.
  • Hull insurance covers equipment, including lighting and sound gear if broken.
  • Insurance of movables outside the theatre will cover any damages to property stored outside the place covered by your basic insurance, if for instance you’re on tour.
  • Transportation insurance covers any damages to equipment during transportation and if the vehicle is broken into. It is highly relevant when touring with your own equipment.
  • The health insurance covers employees if they need emergency treatments, including physiotherapy and operations in private hospitals.
  • The travel insurance covers all employees when travelling, including illness, hospitalization, transportation home etc.
  • Tent insurance covers large tents and equipment ruined by for example a heavy storm.
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