About Kompas1

Kompas1 provides practical tools for theatre touring and co-productions in the Øresund Region. This site has organized information about tours and co-productions in Denmark and Sweden with the hope of strengthening cultural cooperation and exchange within the region.

This is our contribution to greater mobility across Oresund.

Kompas1 offers easily accessible articles with useful information for touring and co-productional purposes.

These articles are based on contributions from experts and insights from relevant organizations and professionals devised through correspondence and meetings.

Content is collected, edited and processed by Får302's Teaterdialog Øresund team:

  • Project manager Maj Riis Poulsen, trained performing arts producer from the National School of Performing Arts and Cand.SOC.CBP from CBS.
  • Editor Mette Hornbek, freelance production manager and MA. in Modern Culture Studies
  • Project Developer Charlotte Rindom, artistic director at Teater Får302
  • Project Developer Louise Hassing, dramaturge at Teater Får302
  • Project Developer Soren Romer, production manager at Teater Får302
  • Content consultant Kenneth Kreutzfeldt, theater technician, light director and tour manager
  • Web designer Søren Meisner, independent visual designer from Rød Font

Our target audiences are Danish and Swedish theatre producers and staff. Furthermore Kompas1 can be utilized by international theaters wishing to tour Denmark and Sweden, or seeking co-productions with Danish and Swedish theaters. Therefore all articles exist in Danish or Swedish, as well as in English translations. Some articles are available in Danish and Swedish versions, when for example regarding legal or culturally differences between the two countries, while other articles are more general with relevance to both countries.

Navigate through the Kompas1 article database either by browsing the two sections: Touring and Co-production, or by searching a selected keyword in the search box present on each page.

Additionally Kompas1 offers a number of useful templates for production planning available for download and detailed materials on selected topics.

We hope you find what you are looking for, get answers to your questions or find inspiration for your co-production or tour.


Theatre Får302


Kompas1 is part of the Øresund Teaterdialog interreg project that focuses on creating possibilities for Danish-Swedish theatre collaborations. Developed by Teater FÅR302 in association with Malmö Stadsteater, Københavns Musikteater, RUC Roskilde Universitet og Malmö Högskola.


We wish to thank our contributors and collaborators:

Malin Vaak, Swedish translator

Nina Larissa Bassett, English translator

Iben Hendel Philipsen, English translator

Katrien Vervilt, KIT, Danmark

Nikolai Vemming, Unlimited Performing Arts

Jesper de Neergaard, BORA BORA, Danmark

Dag Haddal, Grenland Friteater, Norge

Jesper Larsson, Malmö Stadsteater, Sverige

Rani Kasapi, Riksteatern, Sverige

Ida Buren, Intercult, Stockholm Sverige

Max Dager, Nordens Hus i Reykjavik, Island

Helena Smeds, Stockholms Stadsteater, Sverige

Dan Henriksson, Klockrike-teatern, Finland

Magnus Geir Thordarson, Reykjavik City Theatre, Island

Paul Aguraiuja, Teater No99, Tallinn, Estland

Ragnheiður Skúladóttir, Lókal International Theatre Festival

Oliver Campbell-Calder, Republique, Danmark

Jesper Sønderstrup, Hotel Proforma, Danmark

Ib Jensen, Baltoppen, Danmark

Adam Potrykus, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sverige

Victor Magnusson

Kenneth Kreutzfeldt

Patrick Maury, Nordiska

Jens Christian Larsen, Urban Bräuner, Teknisk Landsforbund

Loa Larsen, Carsten Wittrock, Jakob Holm, TIO Teatrenes Interesseorganisation

Charlotte Bach, Det Københavnske Teaterfælleskab

Anette Vedel, Øresundskomiteen

Anne Wirén Larsson, Skatteverket


Mattias Sköld, Räddningstjänsten Syd

Marcello Francati, Københavns Brandvæsen

Torben Pedersen, Polismyndigheten i Skåne

Svend Erik Steenfeldt, Københavns Politi

Jens Peter Jensen, Europcar Denmark

Sonia Baklouti, Europcar Sweden

Thomas Olsen, Tryg Forsikring

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